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//hon hon hon baguette eifflo tower


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A fanblog for Mozart/Salieri. Very much needed.

There will be plenty of fanfiction, fanart, headcanons, gifs, photographs, fanvideos, music, and much more. Feel free to submit your Mozalieri things ;3

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I wore this to school today???/?yeah pretty cute but then after school when I was doing my chores my parents started calling me frauline and I was confused as to why but then I realized 




you have achieved the universal human goal of looking like julie andrews

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You know like… When someone you hate ships you NOTP and they’re like “OH I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP”

I just sit here like

bang bang mother fucker

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Maéva Méline - Je Veux y croire + Lyrics (Chabada 2010)

Maeva and Mikele




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//700 followers… ;u;

//To all of you, thank you so much. I’d say I don’t deserve this many followers but I love you all too much. ;; Hopefully this will encourage me to get back to roleplaying… haha xD

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A small job I did at the beginning of the week for a music website that teaches music (specifically Mozart) to kids. How lucky am I to get paid to draw one of my most favorite people in the world?? The website isnt up yet, I’ll have to link to it when it’s finished <3

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Amadeus Mozart, 9th in Historical Series   

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tumblr is so stupid, that a photoshopped picture of a black mozart gets hailed as ” THIS IS THE TRUEMOZART THERE WERE SO MUCH MORE BLACK PEOPLE IN OUR HISTORY!” and get more than twenty thousand notes. but it takes me less than a minute to google ” black mozart picture” to find out its from a european blues station thats having some fun because they are gonna have a jazz week or something.

no wonder dashcon existed.

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